• Registration No: E / 8927 / Rajkot. FCRA No: 042050002
  • +91.281.2563231 / 2563881 / 2562891
  • Registration No: E / 8927 / Rajkot. FCRA No: 042050002
  • +91.281.2563231/2563881/2562891

About Navjeevan



Navjeevan implicates ‘new life’. At Navjeevan Trust we believe in sharing the joy of new life with everyone. New life suggests that everyone enjoys justice, peace, equality, fraternity, love and lives a dignified life. We believe that everyone is equal and work towards making it a reality for everyone. Navjeevan Trust adopts a lively interactive process through empowerment and rights-based approach.

Navjeevan Trust has been instrumental in the rehabilitation of more than 10,000 families after the Gujarat Earthquake 2001. More than 10500 permanent houses, toilets, and bathrooms, School Buildings, Community Halls, Panchayat offices, etc. were constructed in 34 villages. Above 10000 families were restored with livelihood and income generating activities. Above 1400 Self Help Groups were formed and are still continuing the work of empowerment of communities it is working with.

Navjeevan Trust as a development partner is trying to realize the millennium development goals in its operational areas. Thus it works for primary education, poverty eradication, gender equality, maternal and child health, combating HIV/AIDS, environmental issues, and global partnerships.

Our Vision:

“To establish a just, humane, peaceful and eco-friendly society where gospel values of Equality, Fraternity and Love are lived and shared in the cultural milieu of Saurashtra and Kutch”.

Our Mission:

“To work for the integral development of the poor, marginalized and stigmatized for a dignified and liberated life through the process of empowerment and rights based approach.”

Legal Status:

Navjeevan Trust is a Public Charitable Trust registered (E-645 Kutch) on 27th November 1980 under The Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950. For the first 14 years, it was operating from Kutch and 1994 the registered office has been shifted to Rajkot for better coordination and wider reach-out. The trust is registered under FCRA and has obtained tax exemption under section 12A and 80G of India Income Tax act. It is also a registered member of Credibility Alliance and a number of other NGO Net Works in India.

Areas of operation:

The service area of Navjeevan Trust includes the whole peninsula of Saurashtra and Kutch regions of Gujarat State. The region covers a geographical area of 109,950 sq. km comprising of eight civil districts of Rajkot, Amreli, Porbandar, Junagadh, Surendranagar, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar and Kutch. The population of the service area is 15021088 which are distributed in 5911 villages & many small and big cities.

Navjeevan Trust is a registered Public Charitable Trust working in Saurashtra and Kutch Regions of Gujarat since 1980. It is the Coordinating and Supervising agency of all the socio-economic developmental activities carried out in the Catholic diocese of Rajkot.

From its very inception, it has been actively involved in community mobilization, educating unprivileged children, health services, rehabilitation of the disabled, livelihood, relief and rehabilitation of the victims of various natural and man made calamities, care and treatment of HIV/AIDS infected and affected people.It is directly involved in capacity building of NGOs working in the region, Community Based Organization formed in the area, social workers and volunteers. It is linked with several educational institutions like schools, colleges, and technical institutes to promote the development ideology in the youth. Navjeevan Trust conducts several training programmes for teachers, health workers, community organizers and it’s staff. It reaches out to communities through its well-placed field offices, partner organizations and community-based organizations. Navjeevan Trust also mediates between the various funding agencies, government departments, and ministries, NGOs, CBOs and Partner organizations.

Navjeevan Trust at present works in 854 villages, 212 slums through its field offices, partners and 453 staff and hundreds of volunteers.

Focused Groups:

  • Women
  • Children
  • HIV/AIDS infected and affected people
  • Orphans
  • Disabled
  • Youth
  • Illegal Migrants
  • Marginal farmers
  • Dalits