The Best program was established by Mar Gregory Karotemprel CMI Emeritus Bishop of Rajkot. BEST intervenes and brings about a yearning for change among individuals and communities. BEST propagates the worth of children as future citizens by providing education  to the poor and marginalized children between the ages of 6- 14 years which empowers them to make knowledgeable decisions and improve their opportunities to showcase their skills and talents towards overall development. thereby bringing a constructive change to the social, economic, political and  creative processes of society.


Children of Saurashtra & Kutch get value based education and take  lead for the transformation of Society


  • Provide qualitative education to the children without any discrimination of Religion, Cast, Color
  • Enabling the children to develop a career through a process of empowerment from primary level to till the student obtain any kind of income generation opportunity.
  • Provide the moral support to the children families during their formative years.
  • Provide financial assistance to the needy children of poor, marginalized and vulnerable communities in continuing education without disturbance due to financial crisis.

BEST consists of the following iniatives

1.    Supplementary Classes - We provide additional support to students who attend regular school in the form of tuitions or extra classes to help them achieve maximum academic excellence.

2.    Balwadies - Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our childrenOur Balwadies inculcate a emotion  of fun and eagerness to learn right from the  early years of children through elementary classes  at different areas.

3.    Balmandals - The primary focus of our Balmandals is to cultivate the minds of our future change makers.  This is done through various 'Character Building' and 'Leadership training ' activities held at different centers and schools for our young adults.

4.    Balpanchyat - Balpanchyat is a governing body elected from Balmandals by its members. It fosters an active interest in politics and desire for betterment.